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E2M2 Direction and councils of the school

direction team

Director: Sandrine CHARLES 
Deputy Director: Marc LEMAIRE

E2M2 Doctoral School Council and Large council (OPC)

The school's statutory council is composed of 25 members (in italics).
The large council, also called OPC (Orientation and Pedagogical Council), sits once montly or every two months, auditions candidates with nominal doctoral funding (CIFRE, ANR, etc) through the year, and discusses all points related to the functioning of the school.
Its members correspond to the internal members of the statutory council and to the elected students.

Direction team and administration

Sandrine CHARLES (Head)
Marc LEMAIRE (Deputy)
Bénédicte LANZA (Administration E2M2, BIATSS)

Representative member of Lyon 1 : Bénédicte Durand

Internal members (representative members of laboratories and/or research themes)

The heads of the main research units are members of the council, together with members of the different research themes. Each theme is represented as a function of the number of HDR-holding scientists at the beginning of each 5-year contract, with weighing aimed to preserve the general balance.
  • Paleoenvironments and Evolution : Grossi Vincent (LGLTPE), Lecuyer Christophe (LGLTPE).
  • Microorganisms, Interactions, Infections : Cournoyer Benoît (LEM), Doublet Patricia (CIRI), Lemaire Marc (MAP),  Moreau Karen (CIRI), Heddi Aldelaziz (BF2I)Leroux Caroline (IVPC)Nasser William (MAP), Pommier Thomas (LEM), Prigent-Combaret Claire (LEM), Pujic Petar (LEM, représentant BIATSS), Tardy Florence (ANSES).
  • Evolutionary Biology, Population Biology : Desouhant Emmanuel (LBBE),Douady Christophe (LEHNA)
  • Biomaths-Bioinfo-Evolutionary genomic : Charles Sandrine (LBBE), Vavre Fabrice (LBBE), Jacob Laurent (LBBE), Lerat Emmanuelle (LBBE)
  • Community ecology, ecosystems functioning, ecotoxicology : Chaumot Arnaud (INRAE), Dolédec Sylvain (LEHNA)

Elected doctoral students

Emilie Fleurot (LBBE, D4) :
Laura Kergoat (INRAE-IRSTEA Riverly, D4) :
Xavier Nicolai (MAP, D3) :
Nicolas Pige (LGL, D2):

External members

- Stephan Hattenschwiller, Centre d'écologie fonctionnelle et évolutive, Université Montpellier (couleur Eco)
- Stéphane Uroz, UMR IAM, Université de Lorraine - INRAE (couleur Microorg)
- Fabienne Giraud, ISTerre, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (couleur Pal)
- Ana Rivero, UMR MIVEGEC, IRD Montpellier (couleur Evo)
- Stéphane Robin, AgroParisTech (couleur Biomaths)

- Sylvie Elsen, BIG-CEA Grenoble (couleur Microorg)

Former heads of the doctoral school E2M2

Jean-Pierre FLANDROIS (1999-2010)
Gudrun BORNETTE (2010-2014)
Fabrice CORDEY (2014-2017)

Philippe NORMAND (2017 - 2021)

Former deputy : Hubert CHARLES (2010-2014)