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Admission without competition (funding obtained) / Academic year 2024/2025

Admissions outside of competition can be made all year long, when a thesis director, a team or a laboratory associated with the ED obtains a financing corresponding to the salary of a PhD student (minimum about 1687 euros per month for 3 years), CIFRE financing, ANR, CNRS, etc...

The number of supervisors is limited to 4 per director. Directors with more than 4 supervisors are very special cases and are recognized as such (e.g. thesis in near completion).

Admission is not "automatic" but subject to examination of the file and a hearing before a jury made up of members of the ED council.
For the school, the aim is to verify the adequacy of the candidate-subject-team-financing.

1 / Registration file

The doctoral student must complete the registration file for the first year of the thesis and send it to within 8 days before the CPO. The oral presentation must be sent 48 hours before the CPO in pdf format.

2 / Audition

Upon receipt of the file, an audition will be proposed by the ED (Management or secretariat). An audition session is scheduled each month depending on the number of applications received.

It consists of a presentation of the doctoral research project and the professional orientation envisaged before the members of the extended council of the doctoral school (cpo).
After the presentation, the jury questions the candidate on subjects related to his or her curriculum, doctoral project, and professional project.

Only the members of the board can attend this hearing.
The duration of the test is 20 minutes (oral presentation 10 minutes, questions 10 minutes).

Practical details: The number of slides is limited to that of the presentation (no appendices). The file corresponding to the presentation must be exclusively in PDF format and must be called NOM_OralE2M2.pdf for example DURAND_OralE2M2.pdf.
It must be sent to at least 2 days before the audition.

3 / Registration in doctoral program

After the audition and the validation of the doctoral project by the jury, we can create ADUM account and to proceed to his/her registration. pedagogical then administrative (see the registration procedure)