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E2M2 General presentation

A strong thematic coherence

The range of formations offered by the Doctoral School E2M2 Ecosystems Evolution Modeling Microbiology is based on a vision that integrates evolution, populations and ecology, open to a formal approach of biological and paleobiological systems. The research teams of the School belong to interdisciplinary research themes.

Innovation in pedagogical approaches

The Doctoral School E2M2 is strongly oriented toward pedagogical innovation in formation to research by integrating scientific excellence and "research-development" approaches" of the private sector. The aim for the doctoral student is to defend and then manage his project, to explain regularly how it progresses and how to conclude it in a professional context.

Quality approach in monitoring doctoral students

The Doctoral School E2M2 has been initiator of approaches to form doctoral students to tasks usually ignored the academic field such as for example the Quality approach in the monitoring of theses. The School has also introduced notions of risk analysis and their prevention. Our efforts are also targeted at the initiation to skills assessment that the doctoral student actualizes yearly.

Scientific Openness

The Doctoral School E2M2 was the first one in Lyon to introduce epistemology teaching. It develops a teaching based on scientific openness and thematic mobility, and on a strong and constant demand of the industrial sector for interaction. The school also offers financial help for study stays, workshops done in French or foreign laboratories or enterprises.


The Doctoral School E2M2 has a strong thematic coherence that favors collaborations and exchanges between research units, as well as a collegial monitoring of doctoral students. The research themes are larger then the scientific perimeter of teams as demonstrated by some cooperative doctoral research subjects.

A rigorous selection

Admission in the Doctoral School occurs either through a competition (ministerial scholarships) or through an oral examination (CIFRE funding, ANR, others..). This procedure brings Master students to elaborate and defend their thesis project and guarantees to those hiring doctoral students of the School a high scientific level.