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Individual thesis steering committee (CSI)

Members of the committee

The individual thesis steering committee includes
- the tutor proposed by the CPO
- a member from outside the PhD student's laboratory and the thesis project
- a member from outside Lyon 1 (the laboratory is not affiliated to Lyon 1)
_ an other member (possibility internal to the laboratory but not to the team)

The tutor will serve as the committee coordinator and must:
1/ be affiliated to the School
2/ belong to another laboratory or UMR than the one of the doctoral student and the members of the management team in order to bring a different perspective and encourage exchanges within the ED.
The tutor must be free of any personal and scientific conflict of interest in order to play his/her monitoring role in complete independence.

NB: the thesis director(s) can participate in the committee meetings, according to the modalities recommended below.

The tutor

The role of the tutor is to:
  • Meet the doctoral student during the first year of the thesis. This meeting is informal: it is a first contact. It is initiated by the tutor.
  •  Participate in the meetings of the follow-up committee. This committee meets on the doctoral student's initiative but it is the tutor who coordinates the discussions. The tutor must also write and sign the follow-up form / report, which must then be sent to the doctoral student who uploads it on ADUM.
  • Advise and assist the doctoral student in case of difficulties. The doctoral student should not hesitate to contact his/her tutor. In case of conflict, it is advised to contact the school management to find a solution.

Conduct of the Steering Committee meetings

Before the meeting

  •  The doctoral student downloads the report form (CSI form) and completes parts 1 ("Doctoral student") and 2 ("Committee composition") then sends its to before May 24nd 2024
  • He/she writes a 5-10 page report in which he/she specifies the methods used, the results obtained and the conclusions drawn.
  • He/ she completed the portefolio
  • The doctoral student sends the file and the report to the tutor and the committee members.

The tutor brings this file and the report to the meeting.

During the meeting

  •     Oral presentation of the doctoral student: duration to be established with his/her thesis director
  •     Questions from the committee, discussion. NB: at the end of D2, the professional project of the doctoral student, post-doctoral projects, post-thesis, etc. will also be discussed.
  •     Dialogue of the committee with the doctoral student, without the thesis director(s).
  •     Dialogue of the committee with the thesis director(s), without the doctoral student.
  •     Synthesis and draft of the minutes.

After the meeting

The report is finalized and signed by the tutor, then sent to the PhD student.
The PhD student sends it and activity report (in a same pdf) and annex (another pdf) to before September 30, 2024.

For D1 students: if the doctoral student started his/her thesis between September 2023 and December 2023, the CSI must be done before September 30, 2024
If the doctoral student started his/her thesis after January 1, 2023, the ISC must be done before October 31, 2024.

After the validation email, the doctoral student uploads the report and activity report on ADUM and requests his re-registration.