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Professional integration

General considerations

Doctorals schools have the stated mission to form doctoral students in order for them to find a job. Their purpose is to define "support facility for professional insertion of doctors, either in public establishments or in  private enterprises ». The doctoral student must thus familiarize himself with these research environments sectors and their specific requirements. The Doctoral School thus encourages participation of doctoral students  to all meetings organized in the establishments on this theme. The objective must be to find information over the duration of the thesis (also available in numerous conferences organized by students associations or support groups).

Professionnal project

The doctoral student must, from the onset of his/her thesis, elaborate his/her career project after discussion with his/her thesis director. He/she must do all that is possible in order to help the doctoral student to reach his/her stated objectives. The project must be in adequation with the doctoral student's curriculum but also with his/her personal aspirations.

Skills assessment

Looking for a job should be planned long in advance. This aspect must be discussed during follow-up committee meetings, in particular at the end of the 2nd year.
The thesis work is a real professional experience for the doctoral student. Establishing his/her skills assessment is essential to best identify adequation between the job market expectations and the acquired skills.

Skills are specific (techniques for example) and transversal (knowledge, know-how). They are acquired through the doctoral formation,  professional steps, but also through extra-professional or social experiences. One must insist on those aspects that are often considered as implicit to scientific work (creativity, curiosity, organization) but also annex (relations, cooperation, group responsibilities).