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Student and doctoral student question

Do I need to have an average of 14/20 in the M2 to have a chance of being eligible for the competition?

Yes, it is necessary to have an average close to 14/20, or to be in the top third of the M2 ranking (in the case of masters whose grading system is different or more severe). However, these criteria may vary according to the number of candidates or their general level. NB. some foreign masters do not issue a ranking: in this case, the jury bases itself on the transcripts or any other tangible criteria.

If I am not eligible, does it mean that I can't go on to a PhD?

You will not be able to obtain departmental stipends in the July competition BUT you may wish to explore other funding options with your potential supervisor. The allowances offered in the competition represent only one third of the annual allowances of the ED.

If I fail the competition, can I still be admitted later, if my thesis director obtains other funding on the same subject?

Yes, especially if you have been "classified". In this case, you may not be re-auditioned, and the director of the ED will validate your project as soon as he receives the documents concerning this funding.

The DRED documents indicate that a first registration is subject to obtaining a SIGED "code". Where can I get this "code"?

The director of the ED or the E2M2 secretariat will create an account in your name. You will then receive a message directly from SIGED.

Has the ED defined precise criteria in terms of minimum number of publications to authorize the defense of the thesis? (e.g.: at least 1 article as first author in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal ....).

In the absence of a first author publication on the thesis published or in press in an international peer-reviewed journal, the number of thesis referees is increased to 3, including 1 foreigner, with experience comparable to HDR status (= having supervised at least one doctoral student and having produced at least one publication with the doctoral student as first author). NB: all French referees must have the HDR.

Questions from the directors

Is it possible to submit a subject with a co-director from outside Lyon?

Yes, but the principal director MUST be attached to E2M2

Is it possible to be a thesis director (alone) without having the HDR but with a commitment to pass it before the end of the thesis?

YES, in the case of a solo director, you must apply for a waiver to the doctoral studies department of the institution. Only one derogation request is authorized by E2M2 before the HDR.
NB: it is still possible, without HDR, to co-direct a thesis with a principal director who holds the HDR.
NB: The request for an exemption can be made after the competition, once the results are known for the candidate.

Can a single supervisor propose several subjects to the competition?

No. He/she can submit several subjects but will then have to select ONLY ONE CANDIDATE before the jury of eligibility, thus only one of the subjects posted at the beginning. Teams are advised to post several free topics in order to show the extent of their research themes. However, a selection must then be made. Moreover, a director cannot post a topic if he/she has reached his/her supervision capacity limit (3 full time or 6 co-directors).

Why is there so little time between the master juries and the submission of applications for the ED competition (around June 15)?

Because the dates of the ED competition must imperatively take place at the beginning of July, with a minimum delay necessary for each step (submission of applications > verifications > synthesis > eligibility > sending of presentation document > oral itself > deliberations).
NB: clever masters programs adapt themselves: some M2 juries are held between June 5 and 10 to allow their candidates to prepare their application file and their oral in the best conditions.

My candidate was not selected for the oral exam (eligibility) despite a good application

We remind you that the eligibility is not the result of a unilateral decision of the director of the ED, it is examined by the council which includes representatives of all the scientific colors of the School, whose task is to defend and inform the associated teams. The doctoral students of the council are also present to ensure that the procedure runs smoothly.
When the number of candidates is high, the jury is de facto more selective. If a candidate has not been selected, it is because the file was either slightly weaker than other excellent files, or did not contain all the information required for the application.