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Enrolment / Re-enrolment in a doctoral program

IMPORTANT: Registration for a PhD must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year until the defense.

Doctoral registration is twofold:

1- Pedagogical registration on SIGED with the Doctoral School

First registration:
After having obtained the agreement for your registration, we can create a ADUM account.
You will have to fill in the tabs and upload documents, then you will submit your application.
Your application will be checked by the administration of the doctoral school (validation 1/6), then transmitted for successive validations by your thesis director (2/6), your host unit director (3/6) and the director of the doctoral school (4/6).

Do not forget to :
Upload your diploma or official certificate of completion, as well as your transcripts in tab when you first register
Upload your proof of funding for the current year

Re-registrations (D2, D3, D4, ...)
Please take note of the conditions of re-registration and send to the doctoral school E2M2 the requested elements according to the year of re-registration (D2, D3, D4 and more)
> For D2 and D3 re-enrollments, before submitting your application on ADUM, you must upload your monitoring committee report and upload your proof of funding for the current year.

2- Administrative registration with the higher education institution (Univ Lyon 1, INSA Lyon, ENS Lyon)

The administrative registration starts from the ADUM step "validation 5/6".
Depending on the institution in which you are registered, you will need to find out the internal procedures from their doctoral studies department:
- Université Lyon1 (Division Doctorat-HDR)
Please note: Before contacting the Doctorate-HDR Department, please check that the answer to your question is not in the frequently asked questions FAQ Doctorat Lyon 1
- INSA Lyon
 (Service Scolarité - School service)
- ENS Lyon (3rd cycle office)
To register administratively, the Doctoral Studies Department of your institution (Lyon 1, INSA Lyon or ENS Lyon) will ask you for a certain number of documents and the payment of registration fees.