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Competition procedure

The 2024 campaign is opened.

E2M2 Competition calendar

The competition takes place in several stages:

1- Submission of subjects by thesis directors => Deadline: 01/04/2024 to 10/05/2024

    You are a thesis director and you wish to submit a subject: consult the terms of submission of subjects for the competition
    You are a candidate and you wish to consult the published subjects: consult the subjects of the E2M2 2024 competition

2- Sending the application files by mail => Deadline 14/06/2024 at noon

The applicant must add the following information to the ADUM file in a single pdf file (and in this order): 
_the application form to be downloaded from ADUM, which must be signed
_ a CV
_ baccalaureate transcript
_ the results of the Master's degree or equivalent (at least M1 and 1st semester of M2, or equivalent) must be attached to the application file.
Data required: name of course, place obtained, marks, ranking, size of year; for courses abroad, if no ranking, provide as much tangible information as possible.  
Where applicable, the results of the 2nd semester of M2 (or equivalent) may be sent in pdf format to the later secretariat, but no later than 24/06/2024 (e-mail:

3- Eligibility procedure: July 1, 2024 (selection of candidates who will be auditioned)
This eligibility is evaluated according to :

   _the results of the Master's degree or equivalent (e.g.: average close to 14 out of 20 or rank in the top third of the class), taking into account the differences in grading from one program to another;
   _the number of applications received.

4- Hearings: July 09 and July 10, 2024 (in person)
On a case-by-case basis, upon fully justified request, a video-conference audition may be authorized.

NB: Evaluation boards in French 

5- Deliberations and publication of results: July 11, 2024

E2M2 Competition topics

    _ Applicants must apply for one of the published topics on ADUM
    _ The list includes more topics than available allocations. For the school, the aim is to select the applications that guarantee the best feasibility between the candidate, the subject, the team and the resources. It is therefore this set that is evaluated by the jury.


Before the publication of the results of the master's degree, or equivalent, candidates must contact the director of the thesis in which they are interested and discuss the doctoral project in preparation for the competition.

Auditions for E2M2 competition

After the examination of the applications (eligibility stage), the jury of the competition establishes the list of candidates who will be auditioned (one candidate maximum per researcher or teacher-researcher and per thesis subject).

The duration of the test is 20 minutes (oral presentation + questions and answers).

    The oral presentation (10 min) must mention your M2 research internship, or equivalent, up to 50% of your presentation and a presentation of the doctoral project with the provisional planning and, if applicable, the envisaged professional orientation up to 50% of the presentation;
    After the presentation, the jury questions the candidate (10 min) for additional information related to his/her curriculum, training, doctoral project, and, if applicable, professional project.

The presentation is made by video projector, on the basis of a slide show whose format is left to the choice of the candidates. Candidates are not allowed more slides than those related to their oral presentation (i.e. no appendices or additional slides for questions). They will also not be allowed to go backwards in the slide show.

The presentation file must be sent in pdf format only, titled as follows and without emphasis: Name_FirstName_Presentation_CompetitionE2M2_2024.pdf.
In order not to have any inconvenience during the transmission by e-mail, the size of the unzipped file must be at most 5 Mb.

This file must be sent no later than Tuesday, 08/07/2024 10h AM by e-mail to:

NB: the file cannot be modified after sending, even on the day of the audition.

Communication with doctoral students

Because of the short delays between the end of the exams of some courses and the eligibility jury, as well as between the eligibility and admission juries, the communication concerning the doctoral contract procedure will be exclusively electronic on ADUM.

E2M2 Competition results

The list of candidates proposed for admission to the competition is published, at the end of the jury's deliberation, subject to final validation by the institutions of registration, namely the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 or INSA Lyon. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the winners as soon as the list has been approved by the above-mentioned institutions.

Results of the E2M2 competition (subject to validation by Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and INSA Lyon)