Compétition / Evénements


What is it?

DECRYPthèse is a scientific seminar aimed at explaining science to the general public. It is organized by DocE2M2, the students association of the doctoral school. This event fosters scientific discussions between young scientists from different backgrounds and is an occasion to show undergraduate students what is being done on campus.

Throughout this day, PhD students can give presentations or come with a poster. Only 20 participants will be selected based on submitted abstracts (12 talks, 8 posters). Candidates that were not selected for poster presentations still have the possibility to present but will not be eligible for prizes from the jury.

A jury made up of 4 to 5 guest scientists from the different E2M2 topics will be present to judge the presentations and give prizes. Based on scientific rigor and science popularization skills, 300€ prizes will be awarded to the 3 best talks and the 3 best posters!

In addition, the public will vote for the best talk and the best poster. They will receive 100€ each, which cannot be combined with a prize from the jury.

Selected candidates will be asked to prepare presentations that display both scientific rigor and are easy to understand for the general public:

- Popularization: PhD students must be able to explain their subject to non-scientific audiences and to place their research in a larger context to promote the accessibility of the topic

- Scientific rigor:
The presentations must not be too simplified and must retain a good level of scientific rigor

Abstract submission

Candidates must submit an abstract following the templates provided by DocE2M2. The association will anonymously evaluate submissions based on the criteria cited above. Selected candidates will receive a confirmation e-mail about a month before the event (generally in April).

Beware: Abstract submission and, for selected candidates, participation are mandatory. This means that you must submit an abstract at least once during your thesis!

•    Word count: Max. 300 words, english of french
•    Deadline: February – March (exact deadline will be communicated by e-mail)
•    send to with  « Soumission DT 20XX » as title

Presentation format and general organization


At the start of the day, candidates will be asked to briefly present their poster (1 minute max.). The goal is to entice the public, and a single presentation slide can be used. Jury members will judge each poster in a pre-established order during dedicated sessions. Each candidate will present their poster to the jury for 2 minutes, followed by a 5 minutes session of questions.

  • Start of the day: 1 minute
  • Poster presentation: 2 minutes
  • Questions: 5 minutes
-    Presentations can be done in french or english
-    Posters from non-selected students are not eligible for Jury prizes but can win the public’s choice prize


Talks will be held throughout the day, the program will be announced a few days before the event. Talks can be in english or in french.

  • Presentation: 12 minutes
  • Questions: 8 minutes

Contact DocE2M2

If you have any further questions regarding Decrypthèse, you can contact DocE2M2 at