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E2M2 Procedure of the Competition


The competition occurs in several steps

1- Submission of the subjects
 by theses directors 
Deadline : friday 15 may 2020, at noon
The subjects will be published onto a site available online by students.

2- Uploading of application forms  (+ results of the master degree) by the candidates to the secretariat with copies to the head and deputy of E2M2 
Deadline monday 15 june 2020, at noon

The complete results of the master must be uploaded at the latest on the 24th June at noon.

3- Admissibility : thursday 24 june 2020 (selection of candidates for auditions)
Admissibility is evaluated as a function of 1/ results of the master degree (ex: average close to 14/20 in M2 or being in the first third of the ranking of the M2), 2/ the number of candidates.

4- Auditions : wednesday 8 et thursday 9 july 2020

5- Delibérations of the jury and publication of results : friday 10 july 2020


> Candidats must apply for one of the published subjects only.
> The list comprises more subjects than there are scholarships available. The purpose of this inbalance is permit the School to select the best candidates and the best adequation candidate-subject-team-means. It is thus this set that will be evaluated by the jury in June-July

Thesis Director

> Before the publication of the masters' results, the candidates must make contact with the thesis director which subject is of particular interest and discuss of the doctoral project.

Inscription form

When the thesis director has accepted to defend your candidacy, you need to fill the online inscription form for the first year of thesis and send it to the secretariat with copies to the head and deputy of E2M2.

Send to the secretariat of E2M2 yous M2 results (Designation of the formation, place obtained, grades, rank, number of students; in the case of foreign masters without ranking, please supply tangible elements, ex: mention).
Official documents must be sent to the secretariat as PDF files with an official translation in French or English.


Following the study of candidacies (steps of the admissibility), the competition jury establishes the list of candidates authorized to be auditionned (Only one candidate per scientist).


The duration of the oral is 20 minutes (oral presentation + questions).

>> The oral presentation (10 mn) must present the master 2 work, but must first and foremost present the doctoral project and, eventually, the planned professionnal orientation. The candidate is not allowed supplementary slides for questions.

>> After the oral presentation, the jury questions the candidate (10 mn) on aspects linked to the subject, the CV, the master, the doctoral project, and eventually the professionnal project.
Presentation will be made on a videoprojector.
The file must be in PDF format. To avoid any problem during transmisson by email, the size of the file must be 5 Mb or less. It must imperatively be titled NAMEOFTHECANDIDATE_Oral2020.pdf (for instance DURAND_Oral2020.pdf)
>> Deadline of the transmission of the file : Monday 06 july at noon

Communication with doctoral students

Due to short delays the end of exams of some masters and the admissibility step, or between admissibility and admission, communication concerning the procedure for the establishment of doctoral contracts is exclusively electronic.

Results of the competition E2M2 2020

Important : The results are subject to validation from the institution

Results of the competition E2M2 2020

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